person running on road at daytime

Advent: Elect Exiles

December 13, 2022

Elect Exiles by Jonathan Lacy If you were to be in a race it would be important to know what kind of race you’re in. If you’ve been training your whole life to run, and then on the day of the race you find out it’s a swimming race you probably won’t go too far. […]

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green pine tree with fireflies

Advent: Troubled Longing and Light Descending

December 7, 2022

Troubled Longing and Light Descending Labor Day. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. These months and holidays seem to pass faster and faster every year. Schedules are full and plans are made. We love the special times they bring with family and friends, but we also feel the crush of the busied life. However, every year the season […]

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