Basic Beliefs 1

Purpose: To equip Christian disciples with a basic understanding of the study of Biblical doctrine and of the following four doctrines – Scripture, God, Christ, and Final Things. The class will seek to help learners grow in their experiential knowledge and love of God becoming more deeply satisfied in God. We will avoid what the Bible calls “mere speculation” remembering the goals, blessings and dangers of learning theology.

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Class 1:  What is Theology? Why it’s necessary?, Why it’s beautiful?, Why it’s dangerous?; Divisions in Theology

Class 2:  The Doctrine of Scripture: Ideas of what the Bible IS? What the Bible says about itself; the idea of “revelation”, inerrancy

Class 3:  The Doctrine of Scripture: hermeneutics; canonicity; “Bible Difficulties”; knowing Scripture

Class 4:  God in Three Persons (part one): The Attributes of God; The doctrine of the Trinity stated and explained from Scripture

Class 5:  God in Three Persons (part two) The Doctrine of the Trinity: Objections and Answers

Class 6:  God the Son (part one) The Deity of Christ; the Humanity of Christ; the Incarnation (Why Christ Became Man)

Class 7: God the Son (part two) The Offices and States of Christ

Class 8: The End of All Things: Individual Eschatology: What happens to a person when he dies?