Basic Beliefs 2

Purpose: To equip Christian disciples with a basic understanding of the following five doctrines – Anthropology [man]; Hamartiology [sin]; Soteriology [salvation]; Pneumatology [The Holy Spirit]; Ecclessiology [The Church]. The class will seek to help learners grow in their experiential knowledge and love of God becoming more deeply satisfied in God and His gospel. Learners will also be exposed to resources that can be explored for future growth and learning. We will avoid what the Bible calls “mere speculation” remembering the goals, blessings and dangers of learning theology.

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Class1: What is Man?

Class2: Fallen Man: What happened in the Fall?; definitions of sin, “total depravity”

Class3: Election, Calling and Regeneration. Definitions and Ordo Saludis

Class4: Faith and Repentance

Class5: Justification and Adoption

Class6: Sanctification, Assurance, Perseverance and Glorification

Class7: God the Spirit – Who is the Holy Spirit?;  What does He do?;  The role of the Spirit in the Christian.

Class8: The Church– It’s Nature: Visible & Invisible; Local, Regional & Universal. What constitutes a church? How should the Church be governed?

Class9: The Church- Tasks: Cultural Mandate, Great Commission. 3-fold focus: Upward, Inward, Outward (Satisfied in God. Loving One Another. Doing Good in the World)

Class10: The Means of Grace and the Sacraments (1)

Class11: The Means of Grace and the Sacraments (2)