Inquirer's Class

Considering church membership at St A’s?  Get your questions answered about what our church believes and what it means to become a member.

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INQUIRER’S CLASS 1    Course Introduction and Testimony

INQUIRER’S CLASS 2    The Apostles’ Teaching: The Core of What We Believe (The Gospel)

INQUIRER’S CLASS 3    The Apostles’ Teaching: Inspiration and Authority of the Bible

INQUIRER’S CLASS 4    What It Means to Be a Church Member (Part 1)

INQUIRER’S CLASS 5    What It Means to Be a Church Member (Part 2)

INQUIRER’S CLASS 6    The Lord’s Supper & Baptism (Part 1)

INQUIRER’S CLASS 7    The Lord’s Supper & Baptism (Part 2)

INQUIRER’S CLASS 8    Baptism (continued)/Church Government