Dear Park Road People,

Well, we’re settling in to what is, for now, the “New Normal”. In the last two weeks some ten million Americans filed for unemployment benefits. Staggering. The models predicting the growth and spread of the virus and the pandemic are breathtaking and we find ourselves skeptical of them… we hope.

The good news is… THE GOOD NEWS! The gospel of God’s victory over our sin, over death and punishment is still there. It’s as real as can be. To paraphrase Schaeffer, “were you standing next to the actual cross on which Jesus Christ died and rubbed your hand against it, you would get a splinter.” This is why, amidst fear, uncertainty, isolation and unemployment we can be of good cheer: Jesus is working all things to usher in the New Creation where He will reign. That’s reality!

Only let’s care for one another and those around us in need. Let’s remember our Christian family in nations far less equipped than ours to deal with health and economic crises. Pray for Latin America, India, Iran, Haiti and other parts of the world in greater need than we can even imagine.

Here’s what you need to know for Palm Sunday and Holy Week:

  • We plan to live stream the 11:15AM Palm Sunday Service. No one will be in the building on Sunday but essential staff and volunteers we’ve asked to help. Our Governor’s words should not be interpreted to mean that large gatherings (even church gatherings) are safe. The best way to connect to the service is to go to the very bottom left of our website ( and locate these icons   click on the “f” circle (far left) for Facebook Live, the “play” button (middle) for YouTube. Music will begin around 11:10AM so you can get set up in front of your computer, tablet or television.

  • Here’s the "Bulletin 4 5 20 letter size single page"

  • Here's the "Bulletin 4 5 20 legal size double page"

  • Here’s how to pray with one of our staff members in the coming week. Please take advantage of this. It’s been a fantastic blessing and a great way to stay connected and in real fellowship. "Sign up here!"

  • Women's Bible Study Monday evenings by Zoom video conference at 7pm. Contact Mary Diaz.

    Women are invited to pray via Zoom video conference on Thursday mornings at 11am and 11:45am. Contact Mary Diaz.

  • Men's Bible Study Monday evenings by Zoom video conference at 7pm. Contact Al Knapp.

  • Here are some children's resources for use at home

    Children's Church 4.05.20

    k-5 SS Lesson 4.05.20

    3-4 yrs old Lesson 4.05.20

  • This week's Children's Church Video Lesson is brought to you by the Dorn family "Children's Church 4.05.20"

  • The Young Adults are hosting a ZOOM Party this Sunday, April 5th at 8pm EST. Contact Phil Letizia for more details -

  • We DO plan to worship connected by the internet on Good Friday. The service will be a simplified Tenebrae Service (in which candles are extinguished as the service progresses ending in total darkness). Please join us at 7:30PM on Friday, April 10th. Music will begin at or about 7:20PM.

  • We will not be celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion until we can meet together physically. Here’s a little rational for that decision that will be a blessing to you. "Read Here. " 

  • We plan to offer daily devotional readings throughout Holy Week. We hope to have them in your in-box by 7:00 each day to help our family think, pray and worship TOGETHER even as we are physically separated. Do this as a family or as individuals every day and think of others in our church doing the same in their homes.

  • On Easter we plan to livestream at 11:05AM on April 12th. The service will begin at about 11:05AM with traditional hymn arrangements as a prolonged prelude.

  • You can join a special observance of the Day with our whole family by rising early and celebrating a simple liturgy with your household and perhaps your neighbors… Phil: HE’P A BROTHA OUT!  "Easter Sunrise Liturgy"

  • Thank you for being faithful and generous with your giving. Our deficit this year, even with the current disruptions, is lower than what it was last year! People have responded. Thank you!

  • Please continue to give as God enables! Send in your giving by mail or take this opportunity to start electronic giving (it’s easy and safe).

I’m grateful for so many of you who are calling others in our congregation just to check in and encourage one another. Keep it up! It really matters!

Thanks to our whole Sunday Team of staff and volunteers who are producing the worship services. They're doing a fantastic job with music and audio-visual tech stuff. Pray for and give thanks for them all.

Grace and Peace To You In Christ,

T.J. Campo