Exodus | Liberation and the Mission of God

As the Book of Exodus opens God appears to be absent. As the book unfolds, God’s presence becomes more and more known, until God’s presence is overwhelmingly…present! The second half of our study (continued from 2014) explores the mission of God to free His people and make Himself known to them and to the world. Our mission is to know this liberating God and live in His presence. This, as we hope to see, is the real path to ultimate freedom, purpose and joy.

Next teachings in this 6-week study:

Oct. 18 –  The Exodus Paradigm – Psalm 106:6-23; 44-48; Luke 9.28-31: 1 Corinthians 10:6

Oct. 25 –  Song By the Sea – Exodus 14:30-15:22

Nov. 1 –  Bitterness and the Trial – Exodus 15.22-17.7

Nov. 8 –  God Unapproachable – Exodus 19.1-25

Nov. 15 – The Ten Words – Exodus 20:1-21

Nov. 22 – The Synthetic God – Exodus 32:1-19; 30-32