Faith and Science (class audio recordings)

Can a scientifically educated person believe the Bible without switching off his or rational mind?  This class will examine the truths of the Bible through the lens of science to see how it speaks authoritatively over every area of creation.   The class is led by George Sayour who, in addition to having a Masters in Biblical Studies, was a mechanical engineer, a high school math and physics teacher and is currently the Executive Pastor at St Andrews Presbyterian Church.

Class 1: Introduction: Faith and Naturalism Science 1 slides

Class 2: Genesis Chapters 1 & 2 (begins with a song) Science 2 slides

Class 3: The Universe: Big Bang and the Cosmological Argument for God Science 3 slides

Class 4: Fine Tuning in the Universe (The Teleological Argument for God) Science 4 slides

Class 5: Origin of Life: Bio-Genesis-About Evolution & Natural Selection Science 5 slides

Class 6: Life: The Cell, DNA, & Irreducible Complexity Science 6 slides

Class 7:Geology The Flood and the Age of the Earth Science 7 slides