Fall Sunday Classes (Aug. 25 – Oct. 20)

Journey Through The Old Testament (PART 1) | Stevenson/Reed | Fellowship Hall 

 The Old Testament was the Bible used by Jesus and the apostles; they assumed their readers were familiar with those Scriptures.  That means Christianity is incomprehensible without the Old Testament.  This survey will give us a bird’s eye view of the first half of the Old Testament, the section containing the Law and the Historical Books.  John Stevenson and Erik Reed will lead this class in the Fellowship Hall.


A Heart For Worship | Carroll/Richardson | Filmore House

The Psalms are at the center and the heart of the Bible.  These songs touch both our minds as well as our hearts as they grab us and bring us into the throne room of God.  When we get there, we find in the Psalms the language we use when we need a voice other than our own.  While most of Scripture speaks to us, the Psalms speak for us.  Join us for this spiritual adventure as we explore the Psalms.  Barry Carroll and Jack Richardson will be leading this class in the Fillmore House.


La Vida de Jesús | Jorge Trujillo | Library

Unase a nosotros para estudiar a fondo la vida de Jesús y su significado. Estudiaremos su nacimiento virginal, su bautismo, su tentación, sus milagros, su muerte y mucho más. ¡Le Esperamos! — con Jorge L. Trujillo


Confissão de Fé | Gil Molina | Conference Room

Estamos estudando a Confissão de Fé de Westminster na classe de Escola Dominical em português.  Aqui vai uma dica desse estudo sobre a interpretação Biblica: “…quando houver questão sobre o verdadeiro e pleno sentido de qualquer texto Biblico, esse texto deve ser estudado e compreendido por outros textos Biblicos que falem mais claramente sobre o assunto.”  Simples e bem prático, nao é?  Venha e junte-se ao nosso grupo.


24 Hours That Changed The World | Fred Woolard | Young at Heart Conference Rm

An hour by hour account of Jesus’ last 24 hours leading up to the crucifixion. It includes a DVD filmed by the author, Adam Hamilton, in Israel that shows the scenery of the area that the written material covers.


Thinking Like a Christian | Lucas Tanner|Youth (7-12 Grade) |Rec. Room

Part of being a Christian is developing a consistent biblical worldview, seeing all of life in light of God’s truth. “Thinking Like a Christian” will lay the foundation for understanding a biblical worldview. Over the course of twelve weeks, students will come to understand the essence of ten major disciplines of study (theology, philosophy, biology, psychology, ethics, sociology, law, politics, economics and history) and how the Bible is foundational to every one of them.


God’s Line of Promise | Children’s Sunday School  | Rooms 201-204

Kindergarten—5th grade study the Old & New Testaments, looking at God’s line of promise