Gospel Friendship: Sermon Series (May 11- August 17, 2014)


Gospel Friendship|Paul’s Letter to the Philippians

Do you have influential friendships? What does that phrase imply for you? People who can help you in a jam or connections “in high places” who can get you certain privileges? What if we use that phrase, “influential friendships” to mean friends who prompt me to be better, friendships that complete me and draw me in the direction of purpose and depth? This is actually the case with Paul’s Philippians’ Letter; it’s a model of Christian partnership, fellow believers encouraging one another toward the great destiny God has for them. Let’s explore Gospel Friendship!  Join us Sunday mornings with Pastor T.J. at 8:30 or 11 a.m.

May 11, 2014 – The Joy of Good-News Partnership (Phil. 1:1-11)

May 18, 2014  The Main Thing (1:12-26)

May 25, 2014  – The Other Spiritual Gift (1.26-30)

June 1, 2014 – More Important Than Yourself (2.1-5)

June 15 (Father’s Day) – The Kenosis Model (2. 1-11)

June 22 – The Inadequacy of Accountability (2.12-18)

July 13 –  Honorable Mention/Celebrity Slaves (2:19-30)

July 20 – My Deadly Success (3:1-11)

July 27 – I Press On (3:7-21)

August 3 – Stress and the Gospel (4:1-13)

August 17 – This Matter of Giving and Receiving (4:8-23)