Officer Nomination Information

Each year the Elders have the privilege and responsibility of locating, preparing, and nominating men called to official ministry in the church of Jesus Christ.  The congregation plays an important role:  having a hands-on knowledge of which men demonstrate the biblical qualities of leadership.  You may submit their names to the Nominating Committee of the Session for consideration.

  •  You need not notify men whose names you submit
  • You are not obligated to submit a name
  • Please be prayerful and thoughtful according to the following scriptures

All men who are not overtly unqualified will be asked to participate in a one-year training internship in order to prepare them for nomination and service.

Qualifications fall into five categories: calling, character, competency, compatibility, and comprehension.

Calling: Calling is both inward and outward. A candidate should desire to serve and be recognized by others as possessing the gifts and graces necessary for the task.

Character: Though no leader can expect to be perfect, he must be exemplary, modeling in a consistent way the character of Christ.  The Scripture passages in this brochure offer a useful summary of the character qualifications.

Competency: God calls elders and deacons to serve in distinct and varying ways. A candidate should evidence the inclination and ability to fulfill that particular biblical role.

Elder candidates should be able to equip and care for people spiritually and should know their way around the Bible and be able to teach it. They should be comfortable praying with people in need and should be good managers.

Deacon candidates should demonstrate a practical and caring spirit. They should be willing to serve under the authority of the elders and in such a way as to free the elders to focus on their particular responsibilities.

Compatibility: Candidates need to understand and fit into the St. Andrews life and vision.


Titus 1.5 (Elders)

“Having children who believe” Has raised/is raising children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord

“Above reproach as God’s steward” Manages with integrity

“Not self-willed” Does not have a “private agenda”

“Not quick tempered” Can talk and disagree without getting angry

“Loving what is good” Desiring God and His purposes

“Sensible” Not silly or “pie-in-the-sky” thinking

“Just” Has a sense of justice and equality

“Devout” Has a living relationship with God

“Self-controlled” Not carried away by emotion or appetite

“Holding fast the faithful word” Knows and believes the Bible

“Able to exhort in sound doctrine” Knows the system of doctrine taught in Scripture; able to instruct others

“Able to refute those who contradict” Able to protect God’s people from heresy or error


1 Peter 5 (Elders)

“Shepherd the flock” Able to lead, care for, and protect

“Exercising oversight” Able to use authority rightly

“Not under compulsion” Is not driven to the office by false motives or pressure

“Proving to be examples” Can you and others look up to this man?


I Timothy 3.1-10 (Elders and *Deacons)

“Aspires to the office” Has a desire to serve as officer

“Above reproach” Not openly or knowingly continuing in sin

“Husband of one wife” Is faithful in marriage

“Temperate” Not given to excess

“Prudent” Makes decision carefully, not rashly

“Respectable” Carries himself with dignity; not foolish

“Hospitable” Welcomes others, not overly reclusive or private

“Able to teach” Knows the Bible and the Reformed faith and is able to share that faith

“Not addicted to wine” Not a drunkard

“Not pugnacious” Does not “pick a fight” or argumentative

“Gentle” Sensitive to the feelings/concerns of others

“Uncontentious” Not a “contrary” person, gets along with others

“Free from the love of money” Not greedy or stingy

“Manages his own household well Seeks to nurture his family in the Lord; exercise…keeping his children under proper care and authority / control with all dignity”

“Not a new convert” Must be grounded in the faith

“Good reputation” A man of integrity

”Men of dignity” Not silly or irresponsible

”Not fond of sordid gain” Makes money honestly

”Holding to the mystery of the faith” Knows Christ personally and knows the doctrine of Christianity

”Tested…and above reproach” Has proven himself faithful in his church life and responsibilities


All men fall short in one or another of these areas—we must not think that the Church must have perfect people in leadership. We are fallen and stand only by the grace of God. On the other hand, the church must have some criteria for evaluating the qualifications of its leaders. The qualifications must come from the Word of God. Only Scripture can provide us with an adequate rule of faith and practice.

Please do not submit any names until you have reviewed the Scriptural qualifications (listed in this brochure) and prayed about your recommendation. You need not notify a man before submitting his name.

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