St Andrews Advent Sermon Series, Dec 1- 24, 2013

Christ in Genesis|Hope from the Beginning

Scanning the horizon of our lives, our families, communities, culture and world, it’s easy to fret at so many menacing signs. Even if we allow for own nervous attitudes – (“maybe I AM a pessimist but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t pretty dark!”) – still, any sane assessment of the present situation must conclude that we are facing some serious challenges. And maybe the deepest challenges we face, personally and culturally, are simply beyond our capacity to fix. If we are feeling overwhelmed and especially if we ARE overwhelmed, the hope of the Coming, the Advent of Christ can not only cheer us but can and actually will rescue us. Considering the Plan to bring a Savior into human history and seeing this Plan unfold from Genesis, from the very beginning, is a source of infinite hope. Sunday Dec 1-22 (8:30 & 11 a.m.) and Tuesday, Dec 24 (7 p.m.)

Dec 1   The Seed of the Woman – 3.15

Dec 8   The Mysterious Priest – 14

Dec 15 The Seed of Abraham – 15.1-6

Dec 22 Mothers Weeping, Children Rejoicing – 35.16-20

Dec 24 Til Shiloh Come – 49.8-12 (Christmas Eve Service – 7:00pm)