The Cast | People Engaged in the Story of Jesus (Sermon Manuscripts)

The story of Jesus Christ as told by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John includes a vast collection of colorful characters. Some of the cast members fit certain “types” we have met in our own lives. When we read their accounts we find ourselves identifying with them. In many ways, we are like them. In the midst of the dialogues, interviews, encounters and confrontations, we meet the One they met and like them, we stand to be swept up into His story.

1.18.15 – The Reluctant Baptist (Matthew 3:1-4:1)

1.25.15 – First Followers (John 1:35-51)

2.01.15 – The Buyers & the Sellers (John 2:11-3:1)

2.08.15 – The Four Fisherman (Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 5:1-11)

2.15.15 – Five Friends or The Beautiful Letdown (Mark 12:1-13)

2.22.15 – Full of Pity Joined With Power (Luke 1:1-17)

3.1.15 – Half-Healed Blurry Vision (Mark 8:18-34) 

3.15.15 – Bartimeus-The Blessed Interrupter (Mark 10:32-52)

3.22.15 – Little, Lost and Loved (Luke 19:1-10)

3.29.15 – The Donkey Whisperer (Matthew 21:1-17)