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June 13, 2021 LIVE 11:15 AM Worship Service

The Dragon-Slayer, Rev. 12
St. John is writing a story to these First Century Christian Churches, a very curious, enthralling story, a fantasy with monsters and angels and symbols, and at
some point, they realize THIS IS THEIR OWN STORY!

“It’s our story… we’re somehow IN the story and we have to wonder: Will this be a comedy or a tragedy? How does this story end?” How does YOUR/OUR story end…?” We can’t get the Author to change His Mind… but we can benefit immensely by knowing the story AND by seeing what role EVIL will play in our own life narrative and the meta-narrative into which we were all born… and the one we enter by faith.

So let’s:
1) Marvel at the Story
2) See the CRUX of the Story
3) Take Our Place in the Story
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