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September 19, 2021 LIVE 11:15 AM Worship Service

1 Samuel 25: Abigail

Today, in this long passage that begins with bad news (the death of the title character, Samuel) and ends in a wedding, we find David taking steps ...
toward the throne. God continues to shape David – this time less by truth (since the messenger of the truth has died) and more by beauty and goodness.

Truth, Beauty and Goodness are the three “transcendentals” of philosophy/theology. And in a sense Truth, Beauty and Goodness come to David’s rescue today in the form of a woman named Abigail.

David, this time, is rescued NOT so much from an external enemy like Saul or Goliath but from an internal enemy – his own pride and his tendency toward irrational, emotional outbursts that could devastate others and himself. Let’s see this amazing story of a man rescued by beauty, a story of:
1) Two Ugly, Emotional Men
2) One Beautiful, Wise Woman
3) Beauty, Wisdom and Grace in Our Modern Lives

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