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October 17, 2021 Live Worship Service 11:15 AM

Sermon Text: 2 Samuel 2-4
Sermon Title: Exploitation, Violence & a New King
Sermon from: Rev. Phil Letizia,
Associate Pastor, Park Road Pres

Today I want to look at this period of ...
time immediately following Saul's death as David steps into his kingship ...and I want us to see 2 points:
1. The Machinations of Worldly Power (or "Scheming Your Way to the Top")
2. Leading in the Kingdom of God

A Reflection Before the Service
Opportunists prosper in the atmosphere of crisis, although fittingly even they are sometimes undone by their own scheming,”
― David Bevington, The Complete Works of Shakespeare
“Mrs. Hopewell had no bad qualities of her own but she was able to use other people's in such a constructive way that she never felt the lack.”
― Flannery O'Connor, A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories
“Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, absolute power attracts the corruptible.”
― Frank Herbert

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