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August 9, 2020 Live Worship Service 11:15 AM

Today, we want to consider the idea of DOING the spiritual life; the idea of spiritual productivity, of producing results or progress or fruit. In whatever field or sphere where God has called you, how do you DO what He wants you to DO. What's important to know/remember in the DOING of the spiritual life?

You might think, "Well, that's simple enough – umm, follow Nike and 'JUST DO IT!'" But it turns out it's not THAT simple… It's possible that our doing is what the Bible calls, "dead works" (Heb 6.1, 9.14) DOING spiritual and moral deeds but somehow, they're only a shell and hollow… they appear to be the right things but they're empty… and you may not even know it.

There's an old hymn that counsels, "Cast your deadly DOING down…" So let's ask these Psalms how to go about that:
1) Deadly Doing
2) Mash-up Mystery and
3) How True Spirituality is Like _(blank)_ (I'll fill in the _(blank)_ when we get there).Live Worship

The Doing (Psalm 108 & 127)
Rev. T.J Campo, Lead Pastor
St Andrews Park Road Presbyterian Church
500 N Park RD
Hollywood, FL 33021
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